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Music MasterKey

Music MasterKey





Remove the mystery...
...and let the music begin!



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Scales, Chords, Transposition and Modes - all in one device that's light, strong and never needs batteries. Sounding good? Learning guitar? It would be great to take the mystery out of scales, chords and transposing,
wouldn't it?

Let MasterKey show you exactly how 8 Scales, 7 Modes and 8 Chords work.
"I'd like to thank...!
MasterKey is about the size of a recorder. Easy to have around, and always ready to use (no batteries!). Medal- winner at the International Inventions Exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland! Woodwind and Brass players: you have plenty of transposing to do! With one quick adjustment MasterKey gives you quick and accurate key-change details - between any two keys.
With a thorough understanding of scales, you're well set to handle transposing and modes - which, by the way, MasterKey will help you with too!

MasterKey's emphasis on scale structure provides your stepping-stone to a good grounding in the basics of music theory.
Too high? Not high enough? Use it yourself, or hand it to your fellow-musicians: your MasterKey will show you accurate transpositions
between any two keys.
In addition to eight regular Scales, explore seven Modes.
Music theory can be mastered!

Untangle the mystery with MasterKey!
No more groans at the thought of scales. MasterKey graphically illustrates just how the various scales work. Add chords and modes, and you're starting
to feel good!
. . . .
Photos courtesy of the following at 1: zirconicusso; 2. worradmu; 3. zirconicusso; 4. David St Pierre; 5. Mister GC; 6. sattva;
7&8. Simon Howden; 9. dan; 10. patrisu; 11. Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee; 12. rajcreationzs; 13. stockimages; 14. fotographic1980; 15. tiverylucky.

"How does MasterKey work?" "What exactly does it do?" "How can it help me?"
All your questions answered! 
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MasterKey v2   (to Australia)
  MasterKey : removing the mystery! Making music can be one of life's great..
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  MasterKey : removing the mystery! Making music can be one of life's great..
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