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MasterKey for Music !

fast learning - easy teaching

for all musicians - beginners to advanced players!


MasterKey for all !

  • MasterKey is for students and beginners
    - when there's so much to learn...

  • MasterKey is for experienced players
    - when you're looking for a solid reference tool...

  • MasterKey is for 'somewhere-in-betweens'
    - getting over those hurdles...
Why MasterKey!

Why do I need MasterKey?

    Learners/Intermediate players! Ask yourself
    three important questions:

    • Can I transpose my favourite music
      - easily, quickly and with no mistakes ?

    • Are Scales and Modes giving me a challenge ?
      (I know they're important, but they're hard!)

    • Do I find Chords confusing?
      (there are so many of them!)

    If you're an Experienced player ask yourself...

    • Do I need a quick, accurate reference tool for transposition, chords, scales and modes?
If you answered Yes to any of those, don't worry. You're definitely not alone!

Imagine having a cool tool in your kit that gives you
  • transposing between any two keys ..

  • eight Scales, from Major to Minor, Pentatonic and Blues ..

  • eight popular types of Chords/Arpeggios ..

  • all seven Modes!

MasterKey graphically and clearly demonstrates all these!

If you're just beginning, they will make sense a lot faster.
If you're more advanced, MasterKey will make the perfect reference tool.

MasterKey : removing the mystery!

All music students know how confusing the theory can be.
Confusing, and discouraging - which is a pity.
After all, making music can be one of life's greatest pleasures!

Australian-made 'MasterKey' is your clever multi-function transposer slide-rule that lets you see at a glance just how those mysterious musical topics work.

With the mystery gone, let the music begin!

Why MasterKey is unique ...
One powerful hands-on tool assists with four
important areas of Music theory -
Transposition, Chords, Scales and Modes.
Easy-to-use format, practical, compact and affordable
Made to high quality and lasts virtually forever.
Free 'Blue Book': using your MasterKey in real situations.
Geneva medal for quality of invention.

MasterKey's feedback from all round the world is
100% Positive!

MasterKeys are being used in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Japan, NZ - and Australia, of course!

Great product - I finally understand music theory! ncbigwooly

Scales, Modes and Chords featured on MasterKey are:

Natural Minor Dorian MAJOR 7th
Harmonic Minor Phrygian Minor
Melodic Minor ascending Lydian Minor 7th
Melodic Minor descending Mixolydian Dominant 7th
Major Pentatonic Aeolian Diminished
Minor Pentatonic Locrian Diminished 7th
Blues Augmented

.. and transposition / key-changing can be made between any two keys!

Brilliant! - MasterKey is perfect for a transposing dummy like me - thanks. giligson

MasterKey is used by ...

  • Musicians

  • Music Students - at home or with a teacher

  • Teachers, Schools and Academies

  • Professionals and Arrangers

BRILLIANT product. I highly recommend all musos buy it. grumpsy49

MasterKey is very compact: 300mm/12" long and only 130g/4.5 oz

MasterKey Side 1:  5 SCALES + 8 CHORDS + KEY-CHANGING

MasterKey Side 2:  3 SCALES + 7 MODES + KEY-CHANGING

MasterKey comes with printed instructions, with full details of all its functions.
-- They are available for you to read online. Click here to see them now. (You will need Adobe Reader.)

BONUS book:

With lessons on using your MasterKey for Transposing, Chords, Scales and Improvisation, our MasterKey 'Blue Book' is free for you when you purchase a MasterKey.

The lessons have been prepared by a professional music teacher, and are designed to show you exactly how MasterKey is used in real situations.

The Blue Book is perfect for students as well as teachers.

".. excellent help booklet .."

A mighty tool when writing songs and transposing chords. Very happy. Thanks. driftmonkey200sx

Professional Music Teacher's Testimonial

Easy to take along with your instrument !"As a teacher of music for the past 30 years, the need for an aid or device for the student to assist them with transposing, learning scale and chord construction, intervals, etc. has been more and more apparent. I believe MasterKey is the most comprehensive aid yet devised.

In teaching theory, most of which is done without the instrument at hand, it is very difficult to think instantly and know the I, IV and V chord of whatever key is being discussed, and even more difficult to know the relative minor chords in any key. The same can be said for knowing the note names in any nominated scale, major or minor.

With MasterKey in front of you, these things can be seen at a glance whilst the teacher is talking, thus making it comparatively simple to follow the lesson.

MasterKey is something that can be used by anyone, whether you are doing a musicianship course for the sense of achievement, or a 'serious' music student looking for maximum progress in your chosen career.

MasterKey has an added advantage, and that is that it is able to be used by players of all instruments, whether they be keyboard, brass, reed or string.

Unlock your theoretical problems with your MasterKey . You'll never be sorry."

Frank Holdforth

What our customers - both in Australia and overseas -
have said about MasterKey ...

   "Great product, every musician should have one, very HAPPY!"

   "Brilliant concept, bullet-proof product will last forever - 1st class everything".

   "Spot on service, worried about shopping overseas, you have proved that unfounded".

   "Excellent, buy one! My boyfriend is over the moon, never puts it down. Great!"

A great item for any musician. THANKS . A+++++++

ingenious invention, puts all the info about reading music in front of you

Excellent service and BRILLIANT product. I highly recommend all musos buy it A+++

Best seller on Earth - Thanks!
What an excellent piece of kit, still learning from it after 30 yrs of playing

Amazingly efficient delivery - rock star

great product - prompt delivery - very happy customer
Fast international delivery, many thanks. A useful gadget.

AAA+ service. Fast efficient and honest and great product too

great product, rapid service, Australia to Texas in 4 days. Wow.

this item would be the best and prompt a pleasure to deal with thanks.

Professional service. Will be a great tool to use with our training band.

Great product for private & private music teachers!!! Really quick delivery too!

Fantastic product, Fast delivery, No problems at all, Highly recommended!!

Fast service and an amazing product. Many thanks, may ebay be good to you. A+


Cool tool!
I've seen a lot of paper slide sticks and wheels, but this is the most logical and useful!
FAST shipment from "down under"! - G. W., Texas, USA

Your product does everything you said it would. I am very pleased.
Honest advertising, not just hype. Now all of my theory books make sense.
I have no musical training and because of your product
I now understand the III, V, I, jazz progression. I have been trying to figure this out for years.
Well done!!!!!!!!!!!! - P. H., Utah, USA


Does MasterKey come with full instructions?
Yes, every feature of your MasterKey is explained, with examples of key-changes, scales, modes and chords.

MasterKey's instructions are available for you to read online. Click here to see them now.

Will I need to treat my MasterKey like a delicate instrument?
No, MasterKey is made of tough ABS plastic and will last you for years.

Does MasterKey produce sounds?
NO! MasterKey works by visually demonstrating its various functions.

Why is MasterKey not 'digital'?
A computer program or an app could give the answers which MasterKey gives. The great difference is that with the solid, physical MasterKey you can see what is happening when you transpose, you can see the 'shape' of scales, modes and chords. It's that visualisation, that mental image, that will soon be part of you. When it is, you will know that you have thoroughly grasped the subject.

Is MasterKey portable?
Yes, very! MasterKey is 300mm (12") long and weighs about 130 g ( 4½ oz). It never needs batteries, so it's always ready to use, for as long as you like!

Is MasterKey easy to read?
Yes! MasterKey's 'straight-line' style means that all the information is 'right way up', and easy to follow.

Why is MasterKey 'straight', not 'round' ?

Straight answers - with MasterKey

MasterKey doesn't just give you the answers .....
MasterKey shows you how it's done.

for learners - MasterKey is a powerful learning tool!

It is a wonderful gadget! Definitely recommend it for learners like me! babsstegan

for experienced players - the perfect answer for Transposing,
and your quick reference device for Scales, Modes and Chords!

What an excellent piece of kit. Still learning from it after 30 years of playing. latinis

Great product - will recommend to all my music associates. Thanks! andyonbass

MasterKey ... making music easier

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